Conference to report on optimistic outlook

Members have every reason to be cheerful going into 2024, according to the BVRLA’s Industry Outlook report that launches at tomorrow’s Industry Outlook Conference. The flagship conference is taking place tomorrow (6 December), giving delegates a full outlook for the year ahead, spanning the economic, political, and operational landscapes.

The findings of the annual report will run through every session. This year sees dedicated breakouts for the association’s leasing and rental members, drilling down into the trends relevant to the specific sectors. Topics to be covered in the ‘Rental Roadmap’ and ‘Leasing Lowdon’ sessions include EV adoption, ZEV Mandate, EV battery health, impact of technology, business models and vehicle data.

Industry Outlook Report_drop shadow_December 2023.jpg

Launched in full tomorrow, the Report contains data and views of BVRLA members to outline what experts are seeing on the horizon and how operating conditions may change next year. The findings span challenges and opportunities for 2024, as well as expectations on demand, supply, and performance of different products and services.

The 2023 Conference is being supported by AVILOO, Coastr, Kwik Fit, Sofico and United Rental Group. Check Weekly Update next week for a review of the event and insights from the Industry Outlook Report.

If you are unable to attend the conference this time, there will be a programme of Industry Outlook events in 2024. If you are an industry supplier and would like to know more, take a look at the BVRLA’s brand partnerships page for details of the events coming up and how you can get involved, or email [email protected].