Charge point installations on the up

Public charge point installations are up 35% year on year, according to the latest quarterly data from Zapmap.

Among the key highlights in the Q1 report are the establishment of over 50 new high-power charging hubs nationwide, with a quarter of all newly installed electric vehicle chargers classified as high-powered units.

By the end of March, the total count of installed charging devices stood at 59,590, representing a 10.5% rise since the close of 2023 and a substantial 47% increase from March 2023. Notably, 6,000 charge points were added in the first quarter alone, averaging more than 1,900 installations per month—a 35% increase compared to the monthly average in 2023.

Zapmap's data underscores the continued expansion of on-street charging infrastructure to accommodate drivers lacking home charging facilities. The first quarter saw the installation of nearly 1,500 new on-street chargers, bringing the total count to 21,475, with Greater London hosting the majority at 16,405 units.

EV charging statistics 2024 - Zapmap (

Catherine Bowen, senior policy advisor at the BVRLA is speaking at Recharge UK’s Understanding the EV Landscape Conference event this Thursday (18 April). Topics include decarbonising fleets, improving accessibility, and understanding smart charging and vehicle to grid (V2G).

RECHARGE UK - Understanding the EV Landscape - REA (

The BVRLA is also attending the Clean Cities Campaign 'Future of London Transport' mayoral hustings tomorrow (17 April) to fly the flag for shared cars and find out about the candidates' policies and priorities for the future of London transport.

Interested members can use this link to watch and ask questions - Future of London Transport || Hustings Panel + Q&A || Livestream