BVRLA works closer with Financial Ombudsman

The BVRLA has been strengthening its relationships with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) as the two recognise the benefits of sharing insights and intelligence.

The two organisations held their first quarterly meeting last week, giving both parties the opportunity to highlight concerns and identify emerging trends and issues.

Both organisations have seen an increase in complaints during 2018. FOS said that they have been far busier this year than anticipated and were seeing a lot more complaints related to consumer credit, short term lending, insurance and banking.

FOS complaints relating to vehicle rental and leasing were up by 50%. They would like to see organisations be more flexible on damage costs, giving more consideration to the age and mileage of vehicles when determining charges.

FOS will be consulting in December on its plans for the financial year ahead and iskeen to get the views of BVRLA members.

Members can submit questions for discussion at the next quarterly meeting to BVRLA Senior Policy Advisor, Jinmi Macaulay.