BVRLA urges members to keep pressure on MPs regarding WLTP

Having responded to government’s Review of WLTP and Vehicle Taxes consultation, the BVRLA is now asking members, their customers, employees and drivers to keep up the momentum by contacting their MPs to send a clear message to government on vehicle taxation.

Warning that a failure to support the fleet sector with a fair and consistent tax regime will seriously threaten attempts to decarbonise road transport, the association used its submission to remind policymakers of the key role that members play in putting cleaner vehicles on the road.

Following calls to galvanise industry-wide support, the BVRLA has recently been joined by trade media and other trade bodies to send a clear message to government that a simple, fair and proportionate vehicle tax regime is a vital tool to tackle climate change and air quality.  


159 individuals also responded to the associations ‘call to action’ campaign adding to the views shared as part of the association’s formal consultation response.


The full consultation response can be read here on the BVRLA website.


The BVRLA is hoping to make it easy for people to contact their MP by providing a ‘Taking action on WLTP’ tool enabling them to send an individual message or use the suggested text provided.

Read the BVRLA Press release issued on 14 February: Treat fleets fairly or risk derailing the ‘Road to Zero’, warns BVRLA