BVRLA success with DVLA project team for fleets

As members will be aware, the BVRLA has been working for many years with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), asking for it to implement a number of enhancements to processes for fleets which recognise that members operate multiple vehicles.

Following a meeting last week between the two organisations, the BVRLA has received confirmation that a budget has been agreed and a project team of 83 people will be put in place to deliver fleet enhancements which will include:

  • Reduction in the number of cheques for Vehicle Excise Duty refunds - leading to removal of the cheque all together
  • Bulk disposal notifications along with bulk acknowledgments from DVLA of vehicle disposal
  • Adding electric vehicles and vehicles over 3 years old into the DVLA’s bulk re-licencing system.

Director of Fleet Services Amanda Brandon said, “We are so pleased that the DVLA has listened to us and prioritised fleets, these enhancements over the next three years will reduce the amount of paper our members are having to process on a daily basis.”

Look out for a blog in September from the Project Manager at the DVLA giving more detail.

Ahead of the blog, if you have any questions at this stage, contact Amanda Brandon.


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