BVRLA shares expertise at Shared Mobility Inquiry

The BVRLA has recently given evidence to the Commission on Travel Demand for their Shared Mobility Inquiry.

The primary aim of the Commission is to promote shared mobility solutions and assess some of the barriers to sharing and the speed at which people may embrace shared mobility.

As well as raising the profile of the sector, the BVRLA also had the opportunity to highlight some of its key recommendations for Future Mobility, including the need for a safe, fair and competitive environment for mobility services, unrestricted access to vehicle data and the need for a roadmap for urban transport behaviour.

The Commission acknowledged the role that the sector can play in helping to influence longer-term behaviour change.

It also provided a useful opportunity for the BVRLA to promote the Mobility Credits Scrappage Scheme.

The BVRLA also took the opportunity to remind the Commission that peer-to-peer platforms are not without their problems, raising concerns about the lack of safety (no regulatory requirements), legality (renting vehicles that may not be insured correctly) and compliance (no oversight consumer standards/rights).