Mobility Credits Scrappage Scheme Policy Paper

The BVRLA policy paper outlining how a mobility credits scheme can be used in conjunction with new technologies such as integrated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms to incentivise more sustainable journeys involving public, shared and active transport.

The 'Mobility Credits Scrappage Scheme' policy paper makes the case for a nationally funded, locally targeted vehicle scrappage scheme that offers a mobility credit in exchange for a household scrapping its older, polluting vehicle. This credit can be spent on more sustainable ‘pay-as-you-go’ private and public transport modes, including car and bike hire, car clubs, trams, buses and trains.

As well as reducing emissions, this scheme advances the shift away from private car ownership and increases the availability of roadspace in crowded urban areas.

The BVRLA and its members are already engaging with local and national policymakers to set out the role they can play in delivering the benefits promised by new mobility technologies and businesses models.