BVRLA Codes of Conduct updated

The BVRLA has updated its Codes of Conduct and is encouraging members to familiarise themselves with the latest versions, which have now been published on the BVRLA website.

All Codes include a requirement for members to engage with law enforcement authorities and support counter terrorist campaigns. They also include a principle stating that employees should be adequately trained to a standard at least as high as provided by the BVRLA’s accredited training programmes on identifying and supporting suspicious behaviours. These changes have been applied to embed a culture of counter-terrorism vigilance across the industry.

In the Rental Code there is now a new section on car clubs to outline obligations to members and customers. There is also greater clarity around deposits being taken on a credit or debit card, and cash deposits not being accepted.

The Leasing Code now includes a clearer explanation of what needs to be provided to a customer with regards to charges at the end of contract.

One change to highlight from the Commercial Vehicle Code is the need to ask the customer about their itinerary and intended use of the vehicle.

The updated Leasing Broker Code says that members who operate with appointed representatives (ARs) will be held completely accountable for the actions of their ARs, including any breaches to the Code of Conduct. This allows the BVRLA to hold them accountable for the actions of those who they have direct responsibility for.

Through the Codes of Conduct, the BVRLA wants to continue to support members in reassuring customers that the company they are dealing with is committed to delivering the highest industry standards of professionalism and best-practice.

View or download the BVRLA Codes of Conduct