Article looks at momentum needed for EV growth

Writing for EV Fleet World magazine, BVRLA Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Thomas McLennan looks at BEV growth and the association’s areas of concern that may slow it down, not just for cars but large vans and HGVs.

In Issue 5 of the magazine, Thomas says: “Despite 2021 challenges, EV growth has been a constant; the battery electric vehicle (BEV) car market share and absolute registration figures continue to grow rapidly. 

“BVRLA figures suggest the underlying strength in this growth is driven by a ferocious uptake from company car and salary sacrifice drivers. The single biggest driver of the EV revolution in the UK is the Benefit-in-Kind taxation structure, which currently makes it significantly more tax-efficient to opt for a BEV than any other type of vehicle. Without supply constraints, 2021 would have been an even stronger year for BEVs. 

“Unfortunately, not all segments are in as fortunate a position as company car and salary sacrifice drivers. The BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report Card sets out how supply, demand and infrastructure are performing across cars, vans and HGVs separately. While cars are surging ahead to their phase-out deadlines, larger vans and HGVs are still decidedly in the slow lane. The total cost of ownership equations do not yet add up for many applications, while the current infrastructure cannot support operators looking to make the switch either.” 

The EV growth – keeping the momentum article can be read on the BVRLA website.  

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