Zooming in on the ZEV mandate: getting you ready

2024 is a milestone year in the transition to electric vehicles, with the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate setting out sales targets for manufacturers for the first time.

While the headline sales targets are clear – requiring vehicle manufacturers to sell a minimum number of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) each year, as a percent of total sales – a host of allowances, loopholes and considerations create a murky picture.

The ZEV sales mandate is a world-first and far more complex than meets the eye.

To help members fully understand what it will mean for vehicle supply, and how it may influence conversations with vehicle manufacturers, the BVRLA is hosting an exclusive Deep Dive event on 14 February.

The Fleets in Charge ZEV Mandate Deep Dive will explore how the sales mandate might impact vehicle supply in the UK. ICDP, leaders in understanding vehicle distribution, will unpack the routes to compliance that OEMs might take, through several representative scenarios. These will shed light on possible OEM strategies, including channel and overall ICE and ZEV market impacts across cars and vans.

The half-day event (9am – 2pm) will be highly interactive, allowing members to test their assumptions around OEM behaviour and the complex market distortions the ZEV mandate is expected to create.

As a highly interactive session, tickets (£299 to BVRLA members) are limited and now available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Members can secure a spot online now via the event page.