ZEV Mandate will supercharge decarbonisation in the fleet and mobility services sector

The BVRLA has welcomed today’s confirmation that the Government is pushing ahead with plans to introduce a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate in January 2024.

Gerry Keaney_ZEV mandate_30.03.23.jpg

In sticking with its 2030 Phase-Out target for new ICE vehicle sales and providing a clear trajectory, the Government has delivered essential clarity and certainty for the fleet and mobility services sector and its supply chain. Policymakers have also listened to the BVRLA’s requests to provide additional ZEV credits for car clubs and wheelchair accessible vehicles – ensuring that zero emission motoring will be accessible for disabled and shared transport users.

“The ZEV mandate is a critical tool in the UK meeting its ambitious Net Zero targets. The clarity given today will give fleets and motorists the confidence to continue their decarbonisation journey and accelerate the transition to zero emission transport,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.

“BEV demand is growing - driven by company car fleets - where over 50% of new registrations are electric.  

“We now need supply to keep pace by providing a wider range of vehicles at all price points. The ZEV mandate will help to ensure the right vehicles are coming to the UK, allowing more drivers to make a swift switch to electric.”

The Government also responded to the BVRLA’s request to make its zero emission van sales target trajectory more ambitious, with much less reliance on hybrid vehicles.  

“We look forward to working with the Government as it implements this mandate and monitors the impact on the new vehicle market,” Keaney added.

In a big day for announcements, the BVRLA also welcomed the Government’s announcements of further Local EV Infrastructure (LEVI) funding and further clarification of the service it wants consumers to receive at public chargepoints.