Webinar examines fully electric future

The BVRLA’s second webinar in the 2021 Fleets in Charge series will focus on the supply of electric vehicles.

By 2030 the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned. Yet, last year, only around 1-in-10 new car sales had some level of zero emission running capability and could be plugged in.  

During this free webinar, Peter McDonald of Nissan and Chris Jackson of Centrica Business Solutions will each present case studies followed by a five-minute Q&A. Peter will talk about what Nissan are doing to respond to the phase out of ICE vehicles by 2030. Chris is giving a presentation on how Centrica are decarbonising their fleet and how they will achieve their pledge to be fully electric by 2025. 

The webinar will also cover a short Government update, BVRLA policy update and a panel discussion with industry experts discussing supply requirements, challenges and opportunities and considering their own experiences against the earlier presentations. 

This 60-minute webinar takes place at 9am on 28 April and anybody, including non-members can register to attend the live event.