Updated Government guidance around EU exit

The UK Government has issued a number of updates relating to travel between the UK and EU, spanning haulier registrations, and the movement of goods and people.

New Import Controls for Hauliers 

A new Goods Vehicle Moving Service (GVMS) system is being introduced, requiring all hauliers to be registered in order to move any goods between Great Britain and the EU. 

Designed to enable fast and efficient movement of goods between ports, and taking effect from 1 January 2022, the GVMS requires hauliers to be registered in advance of travelling. Hauliers are being encouraged to register in advance of the system coming into effect, and can do so online

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) Guidance updated 

The guidance on the EUSS has been updated, explaining when it may be possible for EU nationals to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in situations where their absence from the UK exceeds the permitted period but was caused by coronavirus. This is expected to support businesses that had European employees that left the UK during the pandemic and have yet to return. 

While the deadline to apply for EUSS was 30 June 2021, applications are still being accepted if either: 

  • The applicant has a later deadline, such as joining a family member in the UK who was living in the UK by 31 December 2020 
  • The applicant has ‘reasonable grounds’ (eg illness) for being unable to apply by 30 June 2021.