TfL proposes higher fines for those flouting rules on London’s red route

Transport for London is proposing to increase the penalty charge for those who fail to follow the rules of the red route network, or commit unauthorised parking offences, or drive in bus lanes.

The proposal is to increase the penalty charge notice (PCN) from £130 to £160, reducing it by half to £80 if paid within 14 days. The current penalty charge has stood at £130 since 2011.  

The Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), also known as red routes, make up five per cent of London’s roads and carry up to 30 per cent of the city's traffic. London’s local authorities manage the rest of the city’s roads.  

TfL highlights that income generated by fines is used to cover the cost of enforcement and any surplus is reinvested in making roads safer. It also emphasises that better compliance with the rules of the road would help reduce congestion, improve air quality, and deliver benefits for road safety and bus reliability.  

The consultation closes on Sunday 19 September 2021. Members are asked to contact with any comments or feedback.