Rental and mobility trends unveiled

Last week’s Industry Outlook webinar provided valuable insights into what’s in store for 2024. Speakers delved into the latest developments in insurance, technological advancements, and legislative shifts, offering an overview of the key factors likely to impact the rental business in the coming months.

During the ‘A Focus on Rental and Mobility Trends’ webinar, Alistair Warden from Towergate delivered a session on 'How to maximise assets and reduce costs'. The short overview shed light on what to expect in the insurance market in 2024.

Biswajit Kundu Roy of Coastr followed with 'Tech innovations in the Shared Mobility Space'. He explored the ways in which technology can bolster rental and subscription businesses in 2024, along with insights into the ongoing shift from ownership to usership.

Ben Horn from Omnevue then led an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) session, underscoring the significance of ESG principles for members and their customers and outlining the Top 5 simple things to do around ESG in 2024.

Additionally, Catherine Bowen from the BVRLA provided a policy update and offered insights into ongoing rental research.

Members can view the webinar and presentations on the BVRLA website: Industry Outlook - A spotlight on Rental and Mobility Trends.