Quarterly Leasing Survey shows CO2 continuing to rise

The BVRLA has published its latest Quarterly Leasing Survey results showing that the size of the total business leasing sector for cars and vans has grown to 1.343 million, an increase of 8,000, up 0.6% year-on-year. 

Total car leasing (all leasing types) grew by 2% year-on-year down from 6% in Q3 2017 and down 12% year-on-year.  Whist PCH grew by 20% in Q4 2017 the growth rate has continued to decline since it peaked in Q2 2016 at 55%.

The BVRLA new registrations average emissions figure is 112.7g/km up 1.8g/kg year-on-year. The national new registrations average of 122.3g/km is also up from 120.8g/km in Q4 2016.

The average fleet emissions of new registration cars coming onto the BVRLA fleet exceeded the average for the entire fleet in Q3 & Q4 2017. This is partly explained by an increase in the proportion of higher emission PCH financed cars in the BVRLA fleet. A greater percentage of dual purpose cars, which have a higher average CO2, is also a contributory factor.

The proportion of diesel cars on fleet continues to decline.  Under three quarters of the BVRLA total fleet are now diesel (73%) and under 60% of new registrations (59.2%). 

The substitution is from diesel to petrol up from 29.7% in Q3 2017 to 31.7% in this quarter.

New deliveries of electric vehicles increased this quarter from 6.9% to 9.0%.  Other research conducted by the BVRLA suggests that the future is with Hybrid rather than pure electric vehicles.

To find out more contact BVRLA Research & Insight Manager Phil Garthside.