Quarterly Leasing Outlook Report (2019 Q2)

The BVRLA Quarterly Leasing Outlook Report combines market data with insight from a panel of senior leasing executives to provide an unrivalled perspective on the current market and its future development.

Each quarter, the association analyses data from its leasing survey and discusses the key issues with members of the senior executive panel to generate strategic insight, analysis and forecasts for key areas of the leasing market.

The report also presents a unique ‘Risk Register’ of upcoming issues that could have an impact on fleet procurement and operations.

The latest report, which looks at trends emerging from Q2 2019 data, concludes that although leasing companies face an increasingly complex operating environment, customer relationships are becoming closer than ever as they help clients respond to the rapid pace of change in the fleet market.

Analysis also covers the expected future performance of key industry sectors, including business contract hire, personal contract hire and changing demand for different fuel types.

This insight is enhanced with in-depth analysis of residual value performance of the UK car market from automotive experts at cap hpi.