No change to introduction of WLTP-based motoring taxes

HM Treasury has confirmed that it will not be delaying the introduction of WLTP-based motoring taxation in April.

The BVRLA is well-aware of the administrative and financial challenges members are facing with this tax change, which have been exacerbated by the huge volume of undelivered and unsupplied vehicles that are stuck at various stages within the order process. 

The association has consulted with a wide range of members and had extensive discussions with HM Treasury on this issue. They have explained that any delay would have to be applied to the whole market and would require Ministerial scrutiny and primary legislation.  

Given the timescales involved, the fact that Parliament is now in recess and the allocation of Treasury staff to other Covid-19 related priorities, there is no way of delaying the advent of WLTP-based CO2 tax in April.  

WLTP CO2 values will be used as planned for first-year VED from 1 April and company car Benefit-in-Kind tax from 6 April. 

Please direct any questions to Senior Policy Advisor Thomas McLennan or see the BVRLA Vehicle Testing (WLTP) guidance.