New e-Learning for Dealing with Vulnerable Customers

The BVRLA is launching a new express e-Learning module ‘Dealing with Vulnerable Customers’, which will sit within the association’s Essentials e-Learning package.

This module will explain the obligations of dealing with vulnerable people, how to build trust and empathy, listening actively and respond appropriately to vulnerable customers.  

Once learners have completed this module, they will recognise the characteristics of vulnerability, and learn how to take appropriate actions when dealing with vulnerable adult customers. They will also ensure compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) principle of Treating Customers Fairly (Principle 6-PRIN). 

The express e-Learning modules allow learners to maintain their annual accreditation from year two and subsequent years of their licences in a fraction of the time, as an express e-Learning module typically takes under 10 minutes. When completing these fully interactive shortened versions, the BVRLA can ensure that understanding is demonstrated via an end assessment. If learners do not reach the pass-mark they are automatically referred to the full module. 

This means the Essentials package which was developed in conjunction with a consortium of Principal Funders now houses a dozen full e-Learning modules and five express versions. All together this means the Essentials Package provides an even more cost-effective way to evidence compliance with the FCA’s training and competence regime and the BVRLA Code of Conduct. 

 The new ‘Dealing with Vulnerable Customers’ module will be available from Tuesday 14 September.  

More information on the Essentials e-Learning package.