New BVRLA LCV Fair Wear & Tear Guide

The BVRLA is now taking pre-orders for the new version of the LCV Fair Wear and Tear Guide being introduced on Friday 3 September.

Orders for hard copy guides need to be placed by 31 August and the new version will be despatched on 2 September. Both print and digital versions are available, co-branded to include your logo.  

This new standard is more closely aligned with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide for Commercial Vehicles, recognising the heavy use vans are now undertaking. The key changes are: 

  • Removal of reference to minibuses as these are now covered within the Commercial Vehicle guide 

  • Removal of limits of number of dents and scratches within tolerance sizes 

  • Increase to tolerance for scratches, from 25mm to 50mm 

  • Windscreen and glass updated to match MOT standard, as in the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide for Cars. 

Copies of the new guide can be ordered on the BVRLA website. However, if you would like to order other BVRLA guides at the same time, email for an order form, so postage costs can be combined.

For those members who already subscribe to the LCV guide via an e-licence, links will be updated on the launch date. If you wish to purchase an e-licence, email for more information.