Ministerial praise for BVRLA members

Minister for Investment Lord Grimstone of Boscobel has written to the BVRLA and its members to pass on his thanks for the rental and leasing sector’s hard work throughout the pandemic.

Lord Grimstone said he valued the contribution of providing face to face essential services safely, input into safer workplace guidance, and challenges when policies didn’t resonate. 

He recognised the sector has weathered adversity in the past, but none has proved to be greater than the COVID-19 pandemic.   

He went on to add that although members have adapted to new and innovative ways of delivering their services and supported their clients and customers through this adversity, he recognises the sector has nevertheless suffered. However, through the determination and tenacity demonstrated by businesses and employees, coupled with the success of the government’s vaccination programme, there is reason to be optimistic.  

Lord Grimstone said “I want to give you the assurance that we in Government will back businesses large and small who have been hit hard by the pandemic and whose success will be pivotal to getting our economy moving again.  

“Our Plan for Growth will ensure that we build back better after the pandemic. It will take a transformational approach, tackling long-term problems to deliver growth that creates high-quality jobs across the UK. As well as addressing the immediate challenges of the pandemic, the Government is acting now to lay the foundations for a recovery driven by the private sector that spreads investment and opportunity throughout the UK. 

“The Prime Minister has laid out a Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution over the next decade. Many of you have already answered this through early adoption of the move to Zero Emission vehicles with electric or hydrogen vehicles in your rental fleets, leasing, showroom or auction offerings or reducing your own carbon footprint or signing up to pledges like the Race to Zero.  

“We want to support your activities to achieve that behavioural change towards zero emission vehicles seamlessly and with ease. Your innovation in offering electric and hydrogen vehicles for rent and lease, car clubs, subscription services and trialling vehicles before committing to purchase are examples of the private sector taking ownership of tackling societal change. Change is not easy to leverage in, but you have found ways to make it easier by allowing customers to try before they commit.   

“The scene is set for recovery and growth. Together, we can ensure the continued success of the sector throughout the UK. I therefore look forward to continuing our relationship through the tireless activities of the BVRLA.”