Members have one month to update company details online

Members are being encouraged to login to the BVRLA website and update their records by 23 September 2019 to ensure that the association holds the correct information about your business.

This new online system provides a quick and secure way of keeping your information up to date including your corporate logo, fleet size, company registered and trading names, address information, branch locations, website address, telephone number, staff lists and other contact details.

It also allows additional information to be added to each members’ BVRLA Member Directory profile which is particularly useful for customers visiting the directory when looking for a company to do business with. 

Members’ designated renewals contacts are being asked to update their organisation’s information by following two easy steps:

  1. Update your company’s details on your Organisation page of the BVRLA website.
  2. Corporate members should also check and update the fleet details via the link.

Once you have confirmed both sets of details, you will receive an email confirmation.

The new system also enables 2020 membership renewals to be completed online, saving time and money as it replaces the need to complete and post paperwork.

If you have any queries or problems logging into your account, please contact the membership team.