Mayor of London outlines plans for a cleaner London

Sadiq Khan has today announced his plans to reduce air pollution, tackle the climate emergency and cut congestion in the capital to create a greener, healthier city fit for the future. 

Following a report from Element Energy, the plans state that car traffic must reduce by at least 27 per cent in London by the end of the decade. The announcement outlines a number of potential options that are under consideration, including: 

  • Extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) even further to tackle more of the dirtiest vehicles: extending the current zone beyond the north and south circular roads to cover the whole of Greater London, using the current charge level and emissions standards. 

  • Modifying the ULEZ to make it even more impactful in reducing emissions: building on the existing scheme by extending it to cover the whole of Greater London and adding a small clean air charge for all but the cleanest vehicles. 

  • A small clean air charge: a low-level daily charge across all of Greater London for all but the cleanest vehicles to nudge behaviour and reduce the number of short journeys by car 

  • Introducing a Greater London boundary charge, which would charge a small fee to non-London registered vehicles entering Greater London, responding to the increase in cars from outside London travelling into the city seen in recent years. 

Commenting on today’s announcement from the Mayor of London detailing plans to reach net zero by 2030, BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said:  

“We welcome the Mayor of London taking the initiative with these plans, which complement the BVRLA’s ongoing support for shared mobility models and a clear roadmap for road pricing. Importantly, this announcement gives the industry time to implement the changes that are essential to making the targets reality.  

“London does not only have an emissions problem, it has a congestion problem too. We need fewer, cleaner private cars on the road.  

“From electric car clubs to zero-emission delivery vehicles, BVRLA members are already providing the answers to the problems faced in London and beyond. Our members will play an essential role in the success of these plans and will have invaluable insights that will help the mayor deliver. We will continue to engage with the Mayor of London and other local government leaders as they map out a more sustainable transport strategy for our cities and urban spaces.” 

The full announcement from the Mayor of London can be found on the site