Londoners give their views on Future Road User Charging

Funds raised by charging road use must go into public transport improvements, according to the London Assembly Transport Committee. The recommendation is included in the ‘Future Road User Charging in London’ report, which received the highest number of responses for any consultation in the 2022-23 Assembly term.

Road user charging, also known as congestion charging, road pricing or smart road charging, describes any process whereby motorists are required to pay for driving on public roads.

The report recommends that should any future Mayor or government decide to introduce a future road user charging scheme in London, all potential revenue generated must be assigned to a programme of early improvements to public transport in London, with a significant proportion delivered ahead of introduction.

They should also ensure at an early stage that there is a working group that includes representatives from all relevant stakeholders that will demographically and geographically represent Londoners.

See more information and download the report from the London Assembly website: Road User Charging in London.