London Mayor publishes London Environment Strategy

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has published a draft London Environment Strategy inviting views and comments from Londoners.

The 400-page Strategy sets out a roadmap to achieve legal compliance with EU and UK pollution limits. It makes clear that statutory powers will be used wherever possible to ensure that targets are met and the Mayor acknowledges that targets will only be achieved if the London boroughs, government and others play their full part.

The strategy states that around half (51%) of NOx emissions in London come from road transport, the majority of which emit from diesel vehicles. The other half comes from other sources including aviation, industrial emissions and construction.

The Mayor says that a credible national air quality plan is needed to accelerate the pace at which diesel is no longer used and he calls upon government to give local authorities extra powers to address non-transport pollution sources, to help scrap older polluting vehicles, and use fiscal and other incentives to encourage use of clean vehicles.

The consultation ends on 17 November 2017.

The draft London Environment Strategy can be read in full online.