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Session presentations from the Leasing Broker Conference 2021.

Welcome from Paul Parkinson, Synergy Car Leasing and Chairman Leasing Broker Committee.

Session 1: Committee spotlight - working for you and the sector
Who’s on the BVRLA Leasing Broker Committee? How BVRLA policy is directed, how you can get more involved. The role and importance of the BVRLA’s governance programme.  


Session 2: Business success in a regulated world
Regulation exists to protect and enhance the customer experience. What lessons can we learn from customer complaints? And what does the future regulatory landscape look like? How can firms integrate compliance with Consumer Duty to increase their success?


Session 3: Electrification of fleets
Providing guidance, updates, advice on electric vehicles.


Session 4: Digital transformation in the Broker market
A look at how digital technology and innovation is changing consumer buying behaviour in automotive and other worlds. How marketing budgets can be optimised.   

Event partner presentations from APD Research, QV Systems, Leasys and Fleet Procure.

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