Latest Quarterly Leasing Survey shows surge in EV contracts 

The new improved Quarterly Leasing Survey has been published, providing members with a clearer picture than ever before of the leasing sector. 

Data from the BVRLA’s Q4 2019 survey shows that BEVs were responsible for more than 4% of new lease car registrations, a 750% growth in market share compared to the same period in 2018.  

As the BEV share of the new lease car market grew, it counteracted the inflationary impact of the new WLTP emissions standard, which had increased most petrol and diesel emissions by 10-20%. 

Members can read more insight into the vehicle leasing market by logging in to the BVRLA website and downloading the full report. 

Read the full press release issued 18 May: New look leasing survey tracks surge in EV leasing