Latest BVRLA Blog asks if fleets are ready for 2030

Martyn Collins, Editor of EV Fleet World digital magazine has joined the BVRLA Blogging community to explore the impact to fleets following the 2030 petrol and diesel ban.

In his blog, Martyn says: “At the end of the day, the 2030 ban is a bit like coronavirus. It’s something we have to live with for the foreseeable future, but we can find clever ways to deal with it if we all work together – that includes vital government support too. Against the bigger picture of climate change and the big lifestyle changes we all need to make to stop even bigger lifestyle changes in the future, switching to EVs seems a smaller price to pay. 

“Unlike the pandemic, there are notable silver linings to the 2030 ban; from the unique and sublime driving experiences that EVs offer through to the reduction in noise pollution and more convenient charging, to the lower running costs.” 

The second issue of EV Fleet World featured an article from the BVRLA looking at why a phased approach is key to decarbonisation.