Insights from Fleets in Charge

The BVRLA’s first ever digital conference took place on 6 October adopting the latest digital conferencing technology to enable the 500 delegates to interact, share information and network.

Videos of the speeches and presentations from the breakout sessions can be found on the Fleets in Charge page on the BVRLA website, with more content to follow soon.

The live polling and Q&A sessions enabled delegates to get more involved than ever before and attendees have been keen to share how insightful they found the event, with one saying:   

Well done BVRLA, Green.TV and all the panellists, today was very insightful and the platform and presentation with added interactivity was amazing, nearest thing yet to being at a physical event!’ 

The interactive poll canvassed delegates views on three questions: 

  • Q1. What is the realistic target date for phasing out the sale of new ICE vehicles in the UK? The results were 2040 – 13%, 2035 – 51%, 2030 – 36%. 
  • Q2. Should there be different target dates for phasing out sale of new ICE cars and vans? The delegates answered Yes, ICE new van sales should be phased out 5 years later than cars – 64% and No, ICE cars and vans to be phased out at the same time – 36%. 
  • Q3. How do you feel about the business outlook for 2021? The delegates thoughts showed Pessimistic – I think the business outlook will get worse before it gets better – 20.3%, Uncertain – It is impossible to say at this stage – 46.3% and Optimistic – I think the business outlook will improve next year – 33.3%.