House of Commons report mirrors BVRLA’s Report Card asks

The BVRLA welcomes the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report that highlights the need for government to develop a strategy by the time of the Spring Statement 2020, to drive the uptake of lower emission vehicles.

Aligning fiscal policy with environmental policy is something that the BVRLA has long called for and if the government is serious about achieving its ambitious zero-emission targets, it needs to address vehicle taxation with the use of vehicle excise duty and other incentives.

The report mirrors the BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report Card asks on charging infrastructure, calling for the Government to use its forthcoming consultation to; help deliver standardisation of charging devices and compatibility with a smart energy system, improve public availability of real-time information on the current functionality of charge points, and give enforcement powers to ensure that charge points are reliable.

Finally, the report highlights the need to move away from a car ownership model to that of usership. The BVRLA welcomes the acknowledgement that vehicle usership should be encouraged over vehicle ownership, endorsing the important role that the vehicle rental and leasing sectors can play in driving the Road to Zero.

View the full House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report.

The BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report Card can be read in either a 16-page summary or in full on the BVRLA website.