Helping SMEs decarbonise transport and become more energy efficient

As members and their customers increasingly discuss the merits of evolving from an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet, the BVRLA is working with government, industry bodies and consultancies to ensure the infrastructure is in place to deliver a smooth workable transition.

Quality information and data from potential users is essential in enabling this to happen. Ricardo, the consultancy the BVRLA partnered with for the Road to Zero Report Card, has launched a survey in conjunction with UK Power Networks, to form a better understanding of SME’s future EV charging and overall electricity needs. 

If you have a communication channel that could be used to promote the survey, which runs throughout December, and can encourage your customers to participate, your support would be appreciated.  

As a thank you to participants partaking in the survey, there is £4,000 worth of shopping vouchers for SMEs up for grabs.  

Also see further details of the survey objectives. If you have any questions, contact directly.