Help with Net Zero business roadmaps

The Net Zero Council, which brings together CEOs from leading companies including Co-op, HSBC, Siemens, NatWest and Cemex, has developed a new framework to help empower businesses to create tailored action plans to reduce emissions across their sector.

The guidelines, developed in partnership with the Broadway Initiative, will provide criteria for business sector roadmaps. They outline the criteria all roadmaps should meet to ensure they can effectively reduce emissions.

The business and industry leaders are encouraging sectors to achieve their journey to net zero by developing ambitious net zero roadmaps, aligned with these guidelines. In doing so they will help encourage others to do the same, helping towards Net Zero by 2050 target.

For roadmap templates, visit the UK Business Climate Hub.

The BVRLA is partnering with Omnevue on its member focussed-ESG reporting platform. Several BVRLA members have been involved in a pilot programme with Omnevue through 2023. Representing all corners of BVRLA membership, the results of the pilot programme will be presented in Q4 2023, giving an indication of the current situation and rate of progress being seen across the sector.

Omnevue is currently offering a 10% discount to BVRLA members. More information on the BVRLA’s ESG and Carbon Reduction Plans guidance page.