Government statistics show road deaths remain at 2012 levels

The latest reported road casualty results for Great Britain show there were 1,782 road deaths in 2018, comparable to the level seen since 2012.

Although the number of deaths has held steady, the number of casualties of all severities has dropped to an all time low. There were 160,378 casualties reported from road traffic accidents in 2018, down 6% on the previous year.

A more comprehensive analysis of 2018 casualty statistics will be published later this year in Reported road casualties Great Britain annual report.

The report provides the number of personal-injury road traffic accidents in the UK that were reported to the police in 2018. The figures make up part of a long running series going back to 1926. The current set of definitions goes back to 1979, providing a long period for comparison.

There is no obligation for people to report all personal-injury accidents to the police. These figures, therefore, do not represent the full range of all accidents or casualties in Great Britain.

See the report in full on the GOV.UK website.

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