Future of Transport Regulatory Review Call for Evidence

The Association has submitted their response to the Future of Transport Regulatory Review

The BVRLA recently responded to the Future of Transport Regulatory Review answering questions on the following

  • What role central and local government should play in the development of MaaS platforms
  • The actions that could help to ensure all sectors of the population can access Mobility as a Service applications
  • What the government could do to encourage, incentivise or enforce the delivery of these actions
  • Evidence of the positive or negative impacts of Mobility as a Service on active travel and/or sustainable modes and measures that could be incorporated into Mobility as a Service platforms to encourage active travel and/or sustainable modes

In its response the BVRLA highlighted that if we are to truly shift behaviour and support a move away from private car ownership it is imperative that Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is promoted widely across society.  This may involve using more familiar terminology and ensuring all members of society understand the wide range of transport options available. 

It also stated that Mobility Credits are an important tool which can influence behaviour change and promote the use of MaaS to parts of the community which may not be fully aware of all the transport options on offer. Also citing findings from the BVRLAs Cars in the City report about flexible car use leading to:

  • Fewer private cars on the road
  • Reduced mileage
  • Increased occupancy
  • Increased car utilisation and
  • Greater use of public transport and active travel

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