BVRLA responds to Transport for London's Congestion Charge consultation

TfL consult on a series of changes to the congestion charge, including the hours of operation and amount charged

The BVRLA's response highlights how the temporary changes introduced last year have had a significant cost on operators and calls for exemptions for shared mobility providers.

Car sharing forms a central part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, by enabling drivers to make the switch from regular car use to a greater use of public transport, cycling and walking. Encouraging more car owners to make the switch from ownership to usership will produce significant benefits for London.

  • 100% of London’s car clubs and rental vehicles are ULEZ compliant
  • Each car club vehicle in London removes 23.5 private vehicles from the road, contributing to a reduction in congestion
  • London’s car club members/rental customers walk, cycle and use public transport more than the average Londoner

Given the substantial benefits that car sharing offers, the BVRLA believes that shared mobility providers, offering ULEZ compliant vehicles, should receive certain concessions as part of the proposed changes to the congestion charge. An exemption from the congestion zone charges for shared mobility providers will ensure that this remains a viable mode of transport for those willing to move from private car ownership.