Future of Transport consultation responses

The BVRLA has submitted a response to the Government’s Future of Transport Regulatory Review consultation series.

The consultations set out the Government’s intention to seek powers where it feels regulation is outdated, a barrier to innovation, or not designed with modern technologies and business models in mind. If the powers are granted, then the Government would need to consult again on the finer details of how these powers would work.  

There were five areas consulted on, with the two most relevant to the BVRLA being Zero Emission Vehicles and Modernising Vehicle Standards, which sought views on: 

 Zero Emission Vehicles 

  • a statutory obligation to plan for and provide charging infrastructure 
  • requirements to install charge points in non-residential car parks
  • new powers to support the delivery of the Rapid Charging Fund
  • requirements to improve the experience for electric vehicle consumers. 

Modernising Vehicle Standards 

  • providing a modern framework for tomorrow’s vehicles – regulating safety, security, and environmental performance 
  • establishing a flexible, proportionate, and responsive approach to regulating safety, security, and environmental performance of vehicles
  • tackling tampering
  • improving compliance, safety, and security. 

Due to the consultation seeking views on whether these powers are necessary, the BVRLA’s response has shown whether it is supportive of the powers being sought and what it feels may need to be implemented alongside such powers to make them effective, or why it opposes to the Government seeking such powers.  

See the Zero Emission Vehicles consultation response in full on the BVRLA website. 

A copy of the Modernising Vehicle Standards consultation response can be requested by emailing [email protected].