Free Counter-Terrorism Awareness resource

The BVRLA has developed a bespoke Counter-Terrorism Awareness training resource tailored specifically for those operating in the daily rental of cars and vans.

The vehicle rental sector faces a complex challenge to help mitigate the threat of vehicle terrorism and although there is no single solution, counter-terrorism awareness goes some way towards helping protect citizens.

This bespoke training materials is free to download by both members and other businesses operating daily rental fleets. The course is designed to raise awareness of effective customer qualification procedures and instil confidence in this vital area.

Designed to be delivered by local managers to their staff, this self-delivery course includes a presentation for learners, tutor notes, pre-course security assessment and a copy of the BVRLA report Vehicles as Weapons.

The BVRLA continues to work with law enforcement and government to deter attackers from using vehicles as weapons and the association has recently signed an agreement with government to act as an approved partner to monitor and assess compliance against its Rental Vehicle Security Scheme.

Read more about the Rental Vehicle Security Scheme in the press release issued on 5 November.