Fair Wear & Tear Guides help to look after leasing customers

It is a BVRLA Code of Conduct requirement that a customer should be made aware of the expected return condition of their vehicle at the end of the contract.

Members are advised to remind customers of their obligations during the life of the lease period and not just towards the end of contract.

With the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guides available in e-licence format, they are perfectly designed for in-life communication to customers. This will help to remind customers of the importance of looking after their vehicle and what to expect when they return their vehicle. This can also help reduce complaints and increase customer retention.

The BVRLA consumer advice “Looking after your leased vehicle” can be easily adapted for customer facing communication and Members can access free printed, social and digital communications resources via the Communications Toolkit.

To have a suite of co-branded material, contact the BVRLA Communications team.

For more information on an e-licence Fair Wear & Tear Guide contact fleet@bvrla.co.uk for a quote.

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