Europcar MD joins BVRLA blogging community to talk electric

Gary Smith, Managing Director at Europcar Mobility Group UK looks at the move from private car ownership to a range of more sustainable solutions and the joined-up approach needed to change consumer behaviour.

Writing for the BVRLA Blog, Gary says:

“The future of mobility will see a move away from private car ownership to a range of more sustainable solutions, for example, public transport to work, but car rental or car club for weekend trips.

“Car rental and car clubs are the easiest way for consumers to trial new technologies, particularly electric vehicles (EVs). But in managing the move to EVs, we have encountered a range of challenges that the Government needs to act to address.”

Gary goes on to say; “The costs associated with EVs together with consumer wariness are huge barriers to progress. To achieve a step change in the transition to EVs we need to work with Government.

“The good news is the Government does now appear to have this issue on its radar and in the recent spending round again indicated there would be more funding to meet the net zero commitment by 2050. We just need a joined-up approach and to convince consumers and businesses that this new technology is easy to use, fun, efficient and is part of our mutual obligation to improve the environment we all live in.”

Read Gary’s BVRLA Blog in full here: Moving to electric: The challenges and way forward