Electric vehicle experts required for new courses

The BVRLA is keen to launch a suite of electric vehicle themed courses and is on the lookout for several trainers to help cover every aspect of this new technology.

After a tough year, where firms may have lost some terrific people along the way to redundancy, this could provide a brilliant opportunity for someone perfectly suited to help support the BVRLA with its ever-expanding training offering. This call isn't for volunteers, the people in question would be paid and training experience isn't vital if the prospective trainers are confident at communicating in this sector. 

Initially, the BVRLA would like to deliver an instructor-led online course, aimed at technical customer service people/maintenance controllers – to cover the customer-facing side of operations for the people who give practical advice and guidance to customers.  

It is expected this course will cover: 

  • Electrification and the various types of PHEVs and Hybrid PHEVS,  
  • Breaking myths about performance,  
  • Overviews of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard, battery development, infrastructure,  
  • Charging at home and on the road,  
  • Types of plug and charging methods, and what typically can go wrong offering insights to help members e.g. safety, approved garages, tyre wear.  

If you - or someone you know - is interested in supporting the BVRLA Learning & Development team with the electric vehicles courses, contact mark@bvrla.co.uk.