Direction of travel for the transport sector

Writing for Commercial Broker magazine, BVRLA Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Thomas McLennan talks about decarbonisation, Brexit and the pandemic in what is a pivotal twelve months for the transport sector.

In the July/August issue of the magazine, Thomas says: “According to a recent BVRLA Business Impact Survey, which provides a view on the issues affecting UK fleet leasing and vehicle rentals, working remotely has changed how we do business. It found that 78% of respondents expect that business travel will never return to pre-COVID-19 levels. Consumption patterns have also changed. More people than ever are buying goods online and this has seen the van market hit unprecedented highs. 

“There are also indirect COVID impacts. A global semi-conductor shortage for the auto industry has restricted the supply of new vehicles just as the recovery begins pushing up used vehicle values. This ‘long COVID’ impact looks to continue into 2022 and may well set the pace for the sector’s recovery. Over 90% of BVRLA survey respondents see van supply as a barrier to them meeting their customer needs.” 

The The direction of travel article can also be read on the BVRLA website. 

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