Consumer rights regarding the rejection of a vehicle

The BVRLA has noted an increase in queries from members regarding customers wanting to reject their vehicle.

This can be for a range of reasons. Some reported in the last week include:

  • I don’t like the colour
  • I made a mistake with the interior
  • The rear seats don’t fold down

The BVRLA’s Guide to Consumer Rights assists members in understanding consumer rights and provides full detail on the legislation. Essentially it comes down to three questions, were the goods:

  • not of a satisfactory quality?
  • not fit for a particular purpose?
  • not matching the description, sample or model?

If any of these apply, in the first 30 days the customer has a right to reject the vehicle. Beyond 30 days and up to six months, if a fault develops there is no burden of proof on the customer to show the fault was present at delivery and the member should facilitate, if possible, a remedy to the fault. Beyond six months the customer must prove the fault was present at delivery.

Any specific queries on this area of the law can be directed to the BVRLA Compliance Team.