Climate Assembly report published

Climate Assembly UK, the citizens’ assembly on climate change recently published its final report for how the UK can reach its legally binding target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Six Select Committees of the House of Commons commissioned Climate Assembly UK to understand public preferences on how the UK should tackle climate change because of the impact these decisions will have on people’s lives.  

Climate Assembly UK handed its work back to the committees with its final report, The path to net zero, issuing strong calls to the Government to rise to the challenge of achieving the net zero target in a clear, accountable way. 

With regards to transport, the Assembly aims to minimise restrictions on travel, recommending an early shift to electric vehicles and improvement of public transport to make it cheaper, reliable and more accessible. They also backed more local services, amenities and transport links. Read chapter 3. 

Also see the BVRLA’s air quality and emissions campaign page.