BVRLA provides input into new Shared Mobility report

The BVRLA has given evidence to The Commission on Travel Demand for a new shared mobility report that calls for more rapid and radical action to decarbonise the transport sector.

The BVRLA’s evidence highlighted the shift from vehicle ownership to usership and shared positive examples of how the car has an important role if used intelligently.

The Shared Mobility Inquiry report, launched on 18 September, refers to the absence of a coherent national or consistent local policy framework for integrating shared car use.

The report states that ‘the failure to integrate the sharing of cars into transport policy is limiting and unhelpful, particularly for places where there is not a good set of public transport alternatives on offer’.

Similar to the BVRLA’s Cars in the City report, the authors have acknowledged that there is not one solution but many, and that they should be tailored to the needs of each area and integrated with existing provision. They refer to solutions such as integrated offers of ride pooling for attractions such as cinemas and theatres as part of the ticket process and ensuring new housing has fully integrated mobility hubs combined with subsidised access to a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) offer.

The BVRLA will continue to work with the authors of the report as well as policymakers looking at innovation in this space to emphasise the role our sector can play.