Company Car Report 2020

A crucial new BVRLA report analyses the market and the long-term trends that will define the future of the company car.

2020 was a difficult year for the company car sector and 2021 is looking set to be equally challenging. With all but essential journeys banned and new car registrations slumping to a thirty-year low, the company car sector has never faced greater adversity. 

The BVRLA has worked with research group Steer to produce a new Company Car Report which puts this vital but poorly defined part of the fleet industry under the spotlight. It provides much needed insight into the number of company cars, the type of people that drive them and manage them, and what motivates their decisions. It also explores some of the key factors likely to influence the direction of the company car market in the future – assessing the impacts of grey fleet and cash allowances, electrification, the tax roadmap and COVID-inspired changes in business travel.

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