BVRLA Budget 2019 submission

The BVRLA has written to Chancellor Sajid Javid asking him to prioritise fleets within his autumn 2019 Budget statement. 

Within its letter the association has asked that the Chancellor:

  1. Provide continued support for the Plug-in Car Grant to 2025
  2. Make EVs more accessible to consumers by removing the £320 VED surcharge or increasing the £40,000 threshold
  3. Support rental companies to put cleaner vehicles on UK roads by making VED bands more granular
  4. Reclassify motorhomes as Private Light Goods (PLG) for VED purposes
  5. Help fleet drivers invest in greener vehicles now by providing clarity on company car tax (CCT) rates beyond 2023
  6. Ensure that the company car market remains a source of the cleanest vehicles by monitoring the impact of WLTP, making rate adjustments to mitigate any adverse impacts
  7. Adjust CO₂-related taxes and charges (e.g. capital allowance, lease rental restriction) to account for the increase in WLTP-based CO₂ figures

And in the event of Brexit he also:

  8.   Boost EV affordability by exempting new EV sales from VAT

  9.   Extend First Year Allowance to rental and leased vehicles