BVRLA addresses Select Committee on road pricing

The BVRLA was asked to speak at the House of Commons to the Transport Select Committee last week, telling MPs that the Government needs to start planning for a national road pricing scheme now to ensure that the transition from today’s emissions-based motoring tax regime is as smooth as possible.  

Representing the BVRLA, Director of Corporate Affairs, Toby Poston said:  

“There is a clear need for a new national road pricing scheme to be developed as more and more zero emission vehicles are seen on UK roads. We are removing fossil fuels from the equation, so the current emissions-based tax system will see revenues plummet. 

“Any new road pricing scheme must be easy to pay and have the simple objective of providing a revenue-neutral replacement for fuel duty and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). It should be based on a simple ‘distance driven’ model that considers vehicle weight, emissions and use case, with discounts given to shared mobility solutions – such as car clubs, rental cars, buses and taxis – to incentivise more sustainable travel choices. 

“It is imperative that road pricing is considered and trialled now to ensure a smooth transition into a new system. Drivers and fleet operators need clarity on future taxation as they make the transition to zero emission road transport.” 

The session also included representatives from RAC Foundation, the Renewable Energy Association and the Road Haulage Association. The phasing out of petrol and diesel vehicles puts around £34bn of fuel duty revenue at risk. 

See the BVRLA’s submission to the Transport Select Committee’s inquiry