Zero emission vehicles and road pricing - Transport Select Committee’s inquiry

The BVRLA has submitted views to the Transport Select Committee’s inquiry into zero emission vehicles and road pricing.

In its evidence, which is based on extensive consultation with members, the association emphasises that fleets have a critical role to play in both zero emission vehicle uptake and any move to road pricing. 

From a decarbonisation perspective, it highlights the challenges of finding a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for all use cases, the risks and uncertainty surrounding the used BEV market and the provision of sufficient and appropriate electric vehicle infrastructure. 

To ensure that any road pricing scheme works for BVRLA members, the association has developed a set of ten principles which should guide Government’s thinking around road pricing: 

  1. Consult early and extensively  
  2. Make it simple and easy to administer 
  3. Don’t rush it 
  4. Build-up the Back Office  
  5. Streamline the motoring tax regime 
  6. Provide a national framework  
  7. Drive the right behaviour 
  8. Link revenues to transport infrastructure and decarbonisation  
  9. Treat all road users fairly  
  10. Get it right first time. 

“If Government engages with BVRLA members, a world leading road pricing system optimised for the UK can be developed,” said BVRLA Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Thomas McLennan.   

“Fleets can work as a partner with Government spearheading the testing, development, and deployment of any road pricing scheme.  

“We believe that the best road pricing system is simple, data-led and not overly prescriptive in its approach. It must be able to work well for all vehicle use cases.”  

The BVRLA will continue to engage with Government on these issues.