Business Secretary asked to support vital rental sector

In a letter to Business Secretary, the Rt Hon Kwarsi Kwarteng MP, the BVRLA has called upon the Government to provide clearer local authority guidance and new sector-specific support grants for the vehicle rental sector.

Rental members have continued to raise concerns to the BVRLA that local authorities are not applying criteria around Business Rates relief or Additional Restriction Grants consistently.  

The BVRLA has responded by writing to the Secretary of State asking for the additional guidance to be shared with local authorities to clarify that the vehicle rental sector is eligible for support.  

In addition, the association has requested that vehicle rental is included in a new Local Restrictions Support Grant to support the industry as we transition out of lockdown. Given that travel restrictions look set to continue, the BVRLA has highlighted the impact on airport rental operators and the need for a targeted grant supporting these organisations.

The BVRLA has shared the association’s recent Business Impact Survey, further conveying the need for support specifically for the vehicle rental sector. 

Read the press release issued on 2 March 2021: Support measures are critical to survival of SMEs, says BVRLA