Auditors give ECRCS the thumbs up

The European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) has been praised for its prompt responses and fair approach following an external audit.

Each year the European Consumer Centre (ECC) carries out an audit of the Service, which the BVRLA runs on behalf of Leaseurope. ECRCS helps customers with unresolved complaints concerning cross-border vehicle rentals within Europe.

The purpose of the audit is to assess whether fairness and impartiality is being applied to case-handling and decision-making.

Five cases were selected at random, with the ECC providing feedback to the ECRCS concluding that the way the service handles cases and reaches decisions is both fair and equitable.

On one case “Speedy intake and prompt responses to the rental company” were praised, as well as speed of response to the complainant, with the decision communicated within 14 days.

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